about parcelwings

ParcelWings is a suite of specialised freight solutions launched in 2012

ParcelWings Stands for Direction Comments
parcelwings(obf) out bound freight 1 to many Cloud based for small users, application based for large users. Very easy to use, save time and money. Excellent tracking and service levels through 'best in class' freight providers.
parcelwings(rms) returns management system many to 1 Amazing reverse logistics tool. Perfect for etailers and any business where returns is a threat to the business or an opportuntity to increase business through better service.
parcelwings(p2p) point 2 point many to many Built to capitilise on omni channel marketing strategies and open up new sales opportunities for sellers to engage with customers logistically in a way never before possible.

Parcel Wings was designed and built by SCS (Supply Chain Solutions) we are a logistics company that was established in 2001. SCS started as a 3PL offering contract warehousing and distribution, within 5 years we were the largest privately owned specialist contract warehousing provider in NZ and had surpassed the size and capability of most of the multinational freight forwarding companies that traditionally dominated this market.

By 2010 SCS had evolved into a full service supply chain management company offering market leading solutions in B2B/C fulfillment, back office and customer service supported by very strong IT and consultancy capability.

As our IT ability grew we started developing and deploying low cost yet highly robust EDI solutions; which helped fuel our growth. This soon evolved into developing B2B and B2C web sites; smart phone applications and scanning solutions.

The genesis for the idea of parcelwings was to leverage our significant freight volume and experience with freight along with our expertise in IT. The result is a suite of 3 outstanding and innovative products that fit under the ParcelWings 'family'.


from one point to many

Outbound freight was first released in late 2012, as a cloud based (aka on-line) solution is designed for companies who send less than 100 domestic courier shipments per week. It is very easy to use and you simply print out dispatch labels on your existing A4 printer.

There are a significant number of key features and benefits this edition delivers around cost savings, ease of use, administration and service quality. Click here for a list.

There are two other editions due for release in early 2013.

parcelwings(obflb)- this is a label printing edition that will be application based (not cloud based). So this will need to be installed on a PC that you own. This is designed for businesses that are dispatching more than 10 orders a day and want the convenience of a professional label printer to simply tear off, peel and stick. The label printer will cost NZD650.00; people who use a label printer don't go back to an a4 printer.

parcelwings(obfi) - this is also an application based version of parcelwings(obf) "i" stands for "integrated" and this product is for companies that dispatch hundreds of shipments a day and want the convenience of interfacing their sales orders directly into PW from their accounting system/ERP to save them having to re-enter the delivery details.


from many points to one

This is our Returns management system. The returns process is a problem for most companies and very few couriers do this well in NZ (or Australia) so parcelwings(rms) was developed as an on-line solution to help companies who needed outstanding process management applied to their reverse logistics requirements, at low cost.

A couple of the key advantages this product offers is milestone management and task allocation. In simple terms parcelwings(rms) monitors every shipment and every milestone and alerts nominated people to address breakdowns. It uses modern EDI technology to track shipments in the carriers own system. But it doesn't stop there, after assigning tasks it then monitors the task response timeframe and if this falls out of the agreed service parameters (which you configure in PW) parcelwings(rms) starts working through and escalating the milestone failure and the task failure to a list of predetermined stakeholders who can, fix the issue and deal with the customers expectations BEFORE it becomes a problem. (we call this auto nag :)) Nothing ever falls through the cracks anymore.

parcelwings(rms) is a formidable weapon in the battle for customer loyalty where returns can be contentious if not handled swiftly and professionally. The way we have structured the rate tarrifs for parcelwings(rms) it is also less expensive than traditional solutions.


from many points to many

p2p stands for point to point, the capability of this solution allows the user to send anything from anywhere to anywhere. Using traditional methods this is nearly impossible to do well consistently so no one does. However with the tracking and task management capability we have designed and built into parcelwings(p2p) this can be done confidently and accurately.

The main market for this product was e-tailers. In the context of omni channel marketing this makes it possible to connect with consumers at a level previously not possible. For example a user can manage shipments between a consumers residential address, their business address, a suppliers warehouse or retail store. The ability to ship between endless random pickup and delivery points opens new opportunties for retailers to enage and add value to their customers.

The other capability parcelwings(p2p) delivers is the ability to create a consumer facing web stores and pull goods from any supplier location in a co-ordinated way, this has enormous cash benefits to the seller. Without a product like parcelwings(p2p) this cannot be done as traditional systems and methods are not robust enough to manage the complexity of this distribution model; and on-line customers are unforgiving when the service execution of deliveries fails expectation. Service execution must be 'best in class' for on-line sellers to retain their consumers.

Key Feature and benefits of parcelwings(obf)

Great replacement for ticket users. Statistically 20% of prepaid tickets never get redeemed!

Manage your cashflow better, you pay how much you want to, in advance to top up your account, as opposed to being forced to buy 'chunks' of tickets by zone and excess tickets, there is no minimum with PW(obf).

You pay a base fee and depending on where in NZ you are sending, this will vary and the amount you can send within this base fee will also vary (refer our rate card). Beyond the base fee you pay incrementally by kilo so this ends up saving you a lot of money because you are no longer paying for weight and space you're not using.

Our courier partner is Courier Post, we think they are the best, they are owned by NZ Post and between them they cover every delivery point in NZ, they are often a day faster than anyone else to rural destinations, they deliver to PO Boxes and the service overall is outstanding.

Full track and trace within the courier post network. We bring the power of Courier post tracking capability to PW users (you!) which means you can see where a shipment is in the network at anytime right up to POD, you will even see a scanned image of the signature online.

A very powerful address database is built into PW, in fact it is the best address database in NZ, as a PW user you will find out when you start typing the address, PW will automatically start suggesting addresses for you. What you don't see in the background is that when you select an address we do some neat stuff with the data. Firstly we harvest much more than the street address, we also grab the postcode, the suburb, the driver run number, the DPID (District planning ID number allocated by the local council) and even the geolocation longitude and latitude coordinates. This is important for a number of reasons.

1) Bad labelling and illegible addresses are the main cause of delivery failures - so we eliminate this problem straight away with outstanding data which we use to create your delivery labels with.
2) Every time you enter a new address, we add it to your very own, personal address database, so the next time you want to send something to the same recevier you can simply click on their name and the whole dispatching process is even faster.

Its so easy to use, easy to train, easy to manage and administer so it saves your business not only money but time and effort too.