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Terms and Conditions

Acknowledgement and Acceptance

Use of the ParcelWings Services constitutes full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions for Online Ordering


In these terms:

“Online Services” means any automated order processing system you can use to purchase products and / or services from us on our website. “You” means the person accessing or using the Online Services. “We” means either ParcelWings or one of our contracted carriers, as applicable, businesses owned and operated byParcelWings or SCS Limited. “Our” and “us” have a corresponding meaning.

Acceptance of Bookings

We will endeavour to fulfil orders for products and services placed using the Online Services but we do not guarantee that the products advertised will always be in stock.


We will issue you with a unique customer identification and login code. You must keep your customer login and identification details secure at all times and immediately notify us if you become aware of any unauthorised use of your online account. Parcelwings is not responsible for any unauthorised use of your account.

Bookings are only accepted once actioned by the carrier. When you use our Online Services, any booking you make will automatically be allocated a job number. Such allocation does not constitute acceptance by us of your order. We or one of our carriers have an absolute discretion to refuse to accept any booking placed by you using the Online Services.

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